Hi, I’m Ella, a family photographer based in Margate.

I've always had a love for family photography. 

As a child I spent hours going through my family photo albums, my mother’s, my grandmother’s, even my step-father’s. Endless stories, moments, important snippets of lives that had been lived captured in tiny squares. I loved looking at the details. What did their expressions say? What were they feeling? Were they in love, in awe, in joy? Where were they when the pictures were taken? 

Now I have my own children I feel the importance of those tiny squares even more. Because as the days pass and the newborns turn into toddlers and the toddlers leave to go to school and the children become teenagers, the memories of how they were, who you were to them, will stay in frame forever. Every day that passes, those pictures, the ones you weren’t sure you should take, become priceless. The most important things you have ever owned, that they will ever own.

Memories of the days when you were everything to each other.