Hi, I'm Ella

The birth of my daughter changed the way I viewed the world

After spending 17 years in the fashion industry, shooting campaigns, I decided to change focus. Motherhood. I have fallen head over heels with my new subject and care deeply about capturing its changing phases. It's intricate and profound and deserves to be seen. When my daughter was born I was overwhelmed with this new love but also panicked by the feeling of time moving on. I realised then that this complexity of emotions needed more than words to describe, it needed to be captured. To be immortalised.

Fact 1

I love to travel more than anything, I used to live in San Francisco, have visited 46 countries and lived in a van in Central America for a year. I think it is important to remember there are many ways to live this life.

Fact 2

An extremely hot bath and a food magazine is my happy place.

Fact 3

If I wasn't taking pictures for a living I would be in a kitchen. Cooking is my love language.

Fact 4

My favourite thing about being a photographer is that I am trained in the art of seeing. I get to spend my life noticing all the beauty that exists in this world whether it be in joy, in pain or the seemingly insignificant and that feels like a real privilege.